The story of the Garbage Monster begins in 2001, when I was a university student working as a part-time janitor at an elementary school. Our janitorial staff was brainstorming ways to better communicate with the students about picking up after themselves and keeping the school clean. We decided to make a movie about a group of fictitious janitors banding together to fight a garbage monster that appears after the school becomes overrun with trash.

Our movie, "The Garbage Monster," was a big hit with the students and teachers. The film was such a success and so much fun to make that two sequels were made about these super janitors, the students of the school, and their battle against the garbage monster in the years that followed.

Over the next few years, my family and friends urged me to write a story about the Super Janitors and the Garbage Monster. I was hesitant because the original garbage monster films took several liberties.  The janitors in the film were the Harry Potter, Pokemon, Ghostbuster, and Jedi janitors, and writing about them would have violated a number of intellectual property laws. Instead, I decided to simplify the story by removing the janitors' powers and focusing on the students of the school and their battle against the garbage monster.  

So, after decades of prodding and pushing from my loving family and friends, the story of the garbage monster is finally in print. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in writing it.